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Something I have noticed is that there are many different understandings on what a coach does.

Here are some definitions of coaching and counselling related terms that are often incorrectly assumed to be synonymous or that are being confused:


The acquisition of wisdom by observing and learning from a seasoned professional in your field. Usually short term.


The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.


The treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means. Past-oriented, problem focused, and progress measured.


The organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and/or skills for a defined purpose.


A method to get an expert’s advice on what to do.


The unlocking of existing gifts and skills. Future-oriented, solution-focused, and performance measured.

None of these activities live in watertight box. During most coaching sessions, the conversation will often alternate between coaching, counselling, mentoring, training, and therapy.

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