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An organisation I know has continuing issues with staff not doing what is expected. The staff are fearful in case they do the "wrong thing".

The problem is never the problem.

The issue as I see it is a combination of training and communication.

The staff have not been trained, and they are continually told what not to do. Rarely are they told what the expected behaviour is.

The staff are casual, so change from day to day. Sometimes changes to expectations are given to the staff rostered on that day, which is then passed on to other staff, and of course, varies depending on who you talk to, and which day.

The supervisor comes from a technical background, and is very good at their trade. Unfortunately, the supervisor has also not been trained in the skills necessary to manage the team and the department effectively.

Lessons to be learnt here include:

  • Ensure your staff are trained to do the job expected.
  • Communicate clearly and consistently.
  • Ensure all staff receive and understand the message as intended.
  • Focus on what you want, not what you don't want.

Both communication and training are important to get the best from your staff. They will also be happier and more motivated.

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