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I'm currently developing a new program to help small business owners, managers, and other professionals with their long term goals, cope with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, and improve their work-life balance/integration.

Munchausen at Work

"Munchausen at Work" Syndrome is a similar pathology to Munchausen Syndrome.


Instilling fear in employees creates a negative working environment.


The problem is never the problem.

Working from home requires a new way of working.

Reducing stress

Stress can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Are you feeling overwhelmed, worrying about the future, and not being effective in what you are doing? Read on.


Are you aware how tense you are? Would you like a quick technique to relax and release tension

There are many different understandings on what a coach does or doesn't do. Read on to learn more.

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