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As a consultant, I understand your business environment, will assess your challenges and opportunities, and recommend solutions.

I have a strong business background, extensive experience in a variety of industries and roles, and the ability to find the best solution according to the specified criteria.

In addition to analysing the business requirements, I am able to provide customised training, coaching, and support services for the staff, sub-contractors, and key stakeholders.

Imagine your business moving to the next level.

The contemporary Western world's lifestyle has long been sustained by systems that promote unsustainable habits in society. It has become evident that unhealthy habits are deeply embedded in work and daily life.

The term wellness can be simply put as a state of health and wellbeing. The World Health organisation (WHO) conceptualise wellness as an active process of consciousness that fosters certain choices towards a whole and fulfilled human being. wellness is a choice, a lifestyle constructed towards the highest potential for wellbeing. It is a process of developing awareness that health and happiness are not a destination but are achievable in the present.

Since the industrial revolution, the labour industry has placed productivity and material wealth way above people's wellbeing, from poor and hazardous working conditions, low paid jobs to excessive workload and long working hours. Up until now, contemporary working culture has reached a point of excessive exposure to high levels of demands and pressures. Across developed countries, there is a trend of increasing absenteeism, turnover and early retirement due to mental health problems, particularly stress, anxiety and depression.

A small amount of stress can be positive, by motivating the individual to perform well. However, what makes stress so harmful? ‘Considerable evidence regarding the effects of stress suggests that high stress levels, if chronically sustained, may contribute to a lowering of energy levels, ineffective mental functioning, performance failures, difficulty in interpersonal relationships, emotional disturbances, a weakened immune system, and illnesses of various kinds’(Witmer, 2013, p. 29).

Although work-related stress and anxiety are still evasive concepts to many, an array of growing evidence points to the risk factors that concern these two conditions and also to the most popular term in the contemporary workplace, ‘burnout’.

Burnout, anxiety and stress reports are alarming motives of the emergent necessity of wellness alternatives for companies.

According to the Harvard Business Review, employee wellness programmes have a measurable return. They found that, on average, employers who invested in comprehensive health and wellness initiatives saw a nearly 3-to-1 return in money saved. All these are outstanding impacts of wellness at the workplace.

A workplace wellness assessment identifies the current health state of the employees at your business In the same way, it is a guideline that helps find alternatives that can potentially increase the wellbeing of the employee and his or her productivity (OPM, 2019).

Allow me to show you how improving the wellness of your mot important asset, your people, can have a major impact on your business. To start, let's schedule a meeting so we can understand their wellness needs.

Contact me now to learn how I can help your business move forward.

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