Anxiety at Work | Greg Elsey

Greg Elsey

1/2 Day Workshop

The pressure to perform, to meet deadlines and to be seen as invincible is high. But how many of you are held back by anxiety? 

How many of you are afraid that others will find out about your anxiety because you fear you will be perceived as weak or unprofessional? 

And how many of you high performers are masking your anxieties in order to get by?

Businesses are realising that it’s time to create a climate where it’s ok to be anxious – even in a professional organisation.  Because as soon as this happens, the potential for improved performance and improved working relationships is immense.

This workshop is to assist everyone with achieving an understanding of what anxiety is, and how it might be handled as a sufferer, or as a manager, or colleague of a sufferer.

At this end of this ‘Anxiety at Work’ workshop you will:

  • Know what anxiety is and what it isn’t.
  • Be able to discuss the impact of anxiety on colleagues, on productivity and working life.
  • Know the role of the manager, employer and colleague of an anxious person – and the role of the sufferer.
  • Be able to draw sensible comparisons between anxiety and physical illnesses.
  • Have produced a plan to define the action to address the stigma attached to anxiety with a view to improving business performance.

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