Listening Skills

Greg Elsey

1/2 Day Workshop

Effective communication is a vital skill in the business world. However, without strong listening skills, our ability to communicate well is greatly compromised.

Recognising the significance of listening, it deserves its own dedicated training session.

Why are listening skills crucial? During this session, participants engage in discussions to explore the importance of good listening skills.

Distinguishing between hearing and listening: We delve into the disparity between merely hearing and actively listening.

The "Sweet Tasty Orange" activity: This lively exercise is designed to illustrate some common reasons why we often fail to listen effectively.

Introducing a simple listening technique: Participants are introduced to a straightforward yet powerful approach for effective listening.

Understanding different types of information: Building upon the simple listening technique, we delve into the three distinct types of information that can be gleaned through effective listening.

Engaging in a listening activity: Participants pair up and have the opportunity to practice the simple listening technique, providing feedback to one another in the process.

Developing active listening skills: We take the principles of the simple listening technique and provide a structured framework to enhance participants' active listening skills.

During this listening skills training workshop participants will be given the tools to:

  • Explain why listening skills are important

  • Identify key reasons why we can fail to listen effectively

  • Adopt simple techniques they can always use to ensure that they listen effectively

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